why the sermon?

From Richard Bewes: Over 100 years ago DL Moody of Chicago said, “If you have got a sermon that is good for anything at all, pass it around!” Yes, we preachers desire to ‘preach Christ Jesus as Lord’ to viewers worldwide - in about 12 minutes or so! Besides the newer sermons featured on this Home Page, you may click to ‘Browse’ (above) for scores more sermons!

Grasshopper Mentality

George Verwer

Welcome to the land of milk and honey! You don't need to jump from problem to problem hoping to escape them all.

Anticipating Christ's Return

Roger Chilvers

keywords: Jesus, attitudes, behaviour

Exceedingly Abundant!

Martin Durham

keywords: Prayer, Authority, Expectation, Simon Peter, Power

Is Jesus the Son of God?

Michael Baughen

keywords: Son of God, Deity, ‘Signs,’ Creation, Unbelief

Discern the spirits!

Rodney Queen

keywords: Discernment, Heresy, Error, Truth, the Incarnation, false teaching

Love Christ’s people

Steve Levy

keywords: Rules, Regulations, Resurrection Life, Self denial, Love, Witness, the Church

Don't quit until the race is over

David Coffey

keywords: Faith, Unbelief, Perseverance, Encouragement


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