why the sermon?

Over 100 years ago it was D.L. Moody of Chicago who said, “If you have got a sermon that is good for anything at all, pass it around!” our great desire is indeed to be faithful to Scripture in fulfilling the purpose that you will see placarded behind each of our sermons - set in the original Greek of 2 Corinthians 4:5: “WE PREACH CHRIST JESUS AS LORD.”

Wisdom to live by

Simon Vibert

Have you ever looked at the Proverbs? Here are the contrasts between the righteous and the wicked, the wealthy and the poor, the wise and the foolish.

The Ancient Paths

Edmund Chan

keywords: Decision, Restlessness, busyness, the soul’s stillness, Walking with God, Grace

Life in the Risen Lord!

Keith Garner

keywords: The Call, the Mission, Resurrection, Failure, Eternity

The Party Host

Stan Adams

keywords: Celebration, Invitation, Excuses

Big Brother Types

Liam Goligher

keywords: Grace, generosity, lostness, cynicism

Christ is the Gospel

William Mackenzie

keywords: Gospel, Faith, Salvation.

Is it possible to know God?

David Robertson

keywords: Religion, formalism, fools, worship, vows


12 sermons


10 sermons

Life and Death

31 sermons


17 sermons


8 sermons

Money & Power

12 sermons


17 sermons

The Body of Christ

8 sermons

The Cross of Christ

7 sermons

The Gospel

6 sermons

The Holy Spirit

9 sermons

The Word

9 sermons