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From Richard Bewes: Over 100 years ago DL Moody of Chicago said, “If you have got a sermon that is good for anything at all, pass it around!” Yes, we preachers desire to ‘preach Christ Jesus as Lord’ to viewers worldwide - in about 12 minutes or so! Besides the newer sermons featured on this Home Page, you may click to ‘Browse’ (above) for scores more sermons!

The significance of one word

Alec Motyer

Here’s a passage that shows us a God-given way to solve problems.

The Shepherd, the Guide and the Host

Roger Carswell

keywords: Shepherd, Comfort, Guidance, Protection, Restoration, Soul, Shadow of Death, Goodness and Mercy, God’s House

Take up your Cross

Mark Prentice

keywords: Take up the Cross, Fear, Rejection, the World, Likeness to Jesus

Entering the Sanctuary’

Edmund Chan

keywords: Weariness, despair, darkness, the wicked, pilgrimage, satisfaction, prayer, long-term, God’s presence, desires, foundation, eternity

How do we qualify for Jesus?

Roger Carswell

keywords: Tax collectors and sinners, Pharisees, Lost sheep, Lost son, Penitent Thief, Saul of Tarsus, the Cross

Crushed to Life

Glen Scrivener

keywords: Jairus, crowds, Christ’s touch, Power, Life.

In Him was Life!

Martin Durham

keywords: Eternity, Creation, Begetting, The Word, The Beginning, Life, Light, New Birth, Jesus Christ, Trust, Christmas

Love and Marriage

Alasdair Paine

keywords: marriage, bachelor, love, sex

What is Worship?

Michael Baughen

keywords: Worship, Service, Heart, Awe, Joy, reverence

Mockery and Majesty

Andy Dow

keywords: Trial of Jesus, Mockery, Majesty, Son of Man,

The God Who Can Forget Sins!

Robert Cunville

keywords: The Cross, sin, forgivness, freedom

Is Jesus a burden?

Mike Reeves

keywords: happiness, Isaiah

Forgiven & Forgotten

Phil Chadder

keywords: brixton prison course prison forgiven forgotten

If God Is Not On Our Side

Paul Levy

keywords: Israel, dangers, snares, help


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Money & Power

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The Body of Christ

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The Cross of Christ

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The Gospel

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The Holy Spirit

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The Word

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