Rico Tice
Rico Tice Rico joined the All Souls staff team in 1994 as Associate Minister (Evangelism). Born in Chile in 1966, the son of a business man and a nurse, Rico grew up in Uganda and Zaire. He was educated at Sherborne School, Dorset and spent a gap year working as a youth worker in inner-city Liverpool. He then studied history at Bristol University, where he captained the rugby side. In December 2008, he married Lucy at All Souls Church.

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Success vs Failure

Rico Tice

keywords: brotherhood, success, failure

Rico Tice let's us in on a little secret, shares a tale of divided brotherhood and grapples with the idea of success and what it really means.

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To start with, the disciples of Jesus couldn’t work out the identity of their leader at all. Rico Tice’s message here unravels Mark’s brimming evidence as to Jesus’ identity, for every enquirer!