Rodney Queen
Rodney Queen The Rev Rodney Queen of the USA became Senior Pastor of Central Fellowship Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia in 1991. Having begun to follow Jesus Christ in 1969, he was called to preach as a junior in 1971, and married his wife Celeste one year after graduation in 1973.

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The two voices

Rodney Queen

keywords: Wisdom, Folly, Direction, Guidance, Trouble, peer pressure, worldliness

Proverbs 1:1 - 33

The beloved preacher from Georgia opens up the contrast, presented by Solomon, between two voices that compete for attention both in times of success and calamity. Who has your ears, the voice of wisdom or that of folly? Learn to see life through God’s eyes!

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The Warning Watchman

God’s calling of His witnesses to act as a watchman to society prompts Pastor Rodney in this sermon to remind us not to be afraid of both the positive and negative duties that this may involve us in. The scope of these duties can extend to the whole world!