Paul Blackham
Paul Blackham The Rev Dr Paul Blackham comes from a family of strong Christian convictions, greatly loved and respected in Lancashire. Severely injured in a motor incident at the age of seven, he was pronounced dead at the hospital, but, remarkably, was brought back by a Muslim doctor. This imparted to Paul a lifelong love of Muslims, among whom he has often preached at ‘Speakers Corner’ in London.

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The Day of Judgement Brought Forward

Paul Blackham

keywords: judgment, trial, Pontius Pilate

John 19:12 - 14

Paul Blackham vividly describes the scene of Jesus' trial before Pontius Pilate. But with no solid accusations against him, it becomes clear that on trial is the whole human race! With whom shall we identify on the pavement of God's judgment?

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A Finished Work

The dying word of Christ – ‘Tetelestai!’ (Finished) is taken up by Paul Blackham, and – with stories from Christian history, coupled with enthralling references from Genesis onwards - we gain an awareness of how the finished work can apply to an individual, a household, a nation, the world!