Michael Baughen
Michael Baughen Michael Baughen has the Bible, Music and Writing – running through his veins. From being Ordination Candidates’ Secretary in London, he has led the church of Holy Trinity Platt Lane, in Manchester, followed by London’s All Souls Church in Langham Place – before being made Bishop in the major anglican diocese of Chester. His preaching and convention work has taken him to many countries.

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God's Power through Suffering

Michael Baughen

keywords: Suffering, Compassion, Pain, Power, Praise, Thorn

2 Corinthians 1:1 - 11

In this moving sermon we are taken through the reflections of the apostle Paul on the extreme sufferings caused by false teaching, sleeplessness and violence. But Bishop Michael draws the contrast between our fragility and The power of the God who comforts us – so that we can in turn comfort others.

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Is Jesus the Son of God?

The answer is a matter of Life and Death. No one who ever walked on earth compares with Jesus. Through Him the world was made; He is the exact representation of the Being of God. He is the Illuminator for us all. Regarding the world’s future, Michael declares, “Only Christ has the on/off button.”