John Mason
John Mason As a university student John worked through key questions he had about the reality and significance of the Christian faith. Impressed with the historical evidence for Christianity and drawn personally by the unexpected love of God, introducing others to Jesus Christ became his life’s work. He wants people of all ages everywhere to enjoy a vital, personal relationship that springs from the hope that Jesus alone holds out to us all. John is keen to help people understand that Jesus is the one person who provides meaning and hope to our confused and anxious world. John and his wife Judy live in New York City, having been invited by Redeemer Church to launch a new church in Manhattan. Under John’s leadership Christ Church New York City was set up in 2004. John and Judy have four adult children, a daughter in England and two sons and a daughter in Australia.

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True and False Spirituality

John Mason

keywords: Fullness, Liberation, False Religion, Demonic Powers, Legalism, Mysticism

Colossians 2:13 - 19

Here is a penetrating sermon that takes apart the false religion that so imprisoned many to whom the apostle Paul was writing and millions of people today! Be armed by the biblical findings of Sydney-born John Mason. Now ministering only yards from Ground Zero in New York.

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Why Bother with Prayer?

Here is Sydney-born John Mason leading us, with authentic Biblical integrity, to the vital ‘vertical relationship’ with God, and into the secrets of spiritual growth and a genuine Christian lifestyle. Enter into the prayer and dream of the apostle Paul - to be a quality Christian believer!