Barry Cooper
Barry Cooper Barry Cooper is an author and speaker who currently works for Christianity Explored Ministries, and has been worshipping at All Souls, Langham Place in London since 1996. He has an MA in English Literature from St Catherine’s College, Oxford, and an MA in Christian Studies from Trinity Divinity School in Chicago.

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Earn it!

Barry Cooper

keywords: Goodness, Treasure, Money, Love, Eternal, Life

Mark 10:17 - 22

Here is the account of a rich young ruler falling at the feet of Christ in his desire for eternal life – only to meet with a reality check in regard to his true priorities and values. Barry illustrates his sermon vividly from a famous film.

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Little Shepherds

Here are the words of Jesus that have gone around the world, with their echoes of the twenty-third psalm. What are the qualities required in a truly good shepherd? Take to heart Barry’s illustration of the one-time afflicted ‘Elephant Man.’