David Coffey

David Coffey

David Coffey is Global Ambassador for BMS World Mission. Following theological training at Spurgeons College he was ordained in 1967 and then ministered in three Baptist churches in the UK before serving as General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain for fifteen years prior to becoming President of the Baptist World Alliance 2005-2010. His international ministry has taken him to over 80 countries and he has particular interest in supporting churches in the Middle East. David has a commitment to bible teaching and the development of younger leaders. He served on the Keswick Council for a period of ten years and his books include 'Discovering Romans', 'All One in Christ Jesus- a passionate plea for evangelical unity', and 'Joy to the World' a book of Advent readings. He has been married to his wife Janet for 45 years and has two children and four grandchildren. He is a member of the Elgar Society and supports Chelsea FC and the England cricket team.

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Surviving the Storms of Life

keywords: Storms, Crises, Lordship, Faith

In this brief cameo is compressed more than one storm that threatened to engulf Jesus disciples, and this passage teaches us, across every generation, of the Christ who cares, intercedes for his own – and rules!
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Surviving the Storms of Life

keywords: Storms, Crises, Lordship, Faith

Don't quit until the race is over

keywords: Faith, Unbelief, Perseverance, Encouragement

The Great Test

keywords: Discipleship, Faith, Testing, Miracle, Resources, Obedience

Four Marks of the Disciple

keywords: Character, Discipleship, Godliness, Prayer

Improving your serve

keywords: Service, Selflessness, cost, power, privilege

Salt and Light

keywords: Salt, Light, Sermon on Mount, Involvement, Witness, Influence

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